Givi SR4134 Rear Carrier Kawasaki Eliminator 500 2024 on

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The Givi SR4134 Rear Monokey Carrier is designed specifically for the Kawasaki KLR650S, 2023 models and onward, enabling a choice of Givi Monokey or Givi Monolock Plates so that an appropriate givi Monokey Case or a Givi Monolock Top box can be fitted, and removed, quickly and easily.


This Givi SR4134 Rear Carrier Kawasaki Eliminator 500 2024 on models is designed to accept a variety of Givi Monokey plates or Givi Monolock Plates. For a Givi Monokey top case the Givi M5 Monokey Plate, the Givi M7 Monokey Plate,  the Givi M8A Aluminium Monokey Top Plate, the Givi M8B Aluminium Monokey Plate Black, the Givi M9A Aluminium Monokey Plate or the Givi M9B Aluminium Monokey Plate Black can be used so that a variety of  Givi Monokey Cases can be fitted and for a Givi Monolock Top box, the Givi M5M Monolock mounting Plate, the Givi M6M Monolock Plate with U Lock Holder or the plate that is included when purchasing any new Givi Monolock Top Box is ideal.

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